Welcome to Geopark Tethys

An area featuring a distinctive geological heritage and hosting an impressive number of geosites noted for their rarity, scientific and educational value, and arresting beauty.
Geopark sites demonstrate various geological phenomena but may also draw interest for their archaeological, ecological, historic and cultural attractions.

Over three million foreign visitors annually pass through the Geopark area via the Egnatia Highway, yet fewer than 1,000 of those actually stop for tourism in Grevena or West Macedonia.  Geotourism can include visits to national parks, geological formations, scenic areas, and rare or significant geological or geographical environments.

Geotourism  explores the bridge between the earth and biodiversity and is a means to enjoy nature and wild environments seldom encountered by people,  making it the ideal way for any tourist to get to know this region.

Whereas other parts of Europe and North America exploit geotourism as a multi-billion-dollar industry involving local business, infrastructure and commerce, Greece's geotouristic potential is still largely untapped.

The region of West Macedonia, particularly, boasts a robust network of roads, trails, restaurants and hotels, and an abundance of destinations and tour stops.  Like much of the country, however, it lacks focal points for visitors, interpretive materials and services for natural sites, souvenirs, and marketing.

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