Birth of Europe

The mountainous environs of Orliakas, Vourinos and Vounassa are ideal for the creation of a model for geotouristic development in this country.

We recommend that the Center for Technology Research, .. of TEI West Macedonia act as (initial) managing body for the Geopark, via the development package 'Geowonders Greece'.

The Center for Technology Research
The collaboration with TEI west Macedonia is ideal, as individual departments relate to

  • business management,
  • Tourism development,
  • Environmental engineering,
  • The kind of partnership sought by UNESCO.

Joint Actions for scientific, touristic and economic development within the Geopark: 
  1. Geoscience Center (souvenir sales, geotour arrangements with local tour operators, etc.) 
  2. Greenhouse for Preservation of Botanical Biodiversity (endemic plants and seed bank, based on rare, geologically controlled ecosystems in the Geopark).  
  3. Geocamping (mountain camping).  
  4. National Rock Garden of Greece (outdoor boulder display with historical, mythological and scientific elements). 

Incorporation of our Geopark into the Global Geoparks Network: 
  • Immediate international recognition in aid of regional development, combining the interests of the township, local communities and private partners.  
  • The Geopark does not impose limits on existing activities such as grazing, hunting or local investments, provided these activities do not destroy geosites.

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